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Oh, these walls, they crumble


The Overflow



"In "oh, these walls, they crumble", Ishanee does what I have always known her to do: she gives herself completely to the reader. Whether she's grappling with her heritage, her family, her identity, depression, or relationships, Ishanee tells her stories with clarity and attention to detail. Many of these poems read like memories, sparse in text but rich in texture. Moments of heartbreak and sincere romance play off each other seamlessly."

"Beautifully paced and well crafted. This book has been in my possession for months now, and I have never related to a work of text so vividly in my life. As an Indian-American, the symbolism and imagery takes me back home. Ishanee does an incredible job juggling themes, narratives and events that the book speaks for itself."

"I imagine: Ishanee is literally overflowing with feelings of being un-moored, and finds her way through water and words, often in sadness, but also emerging hope in fluidity and of “fish dancing in circles.”

ANN MORSE, on "The Overflow"

ROCKY SAHOO, on "Oh, these walls, they crumble"

BAILEY PAYNE, on "Oh these walls, they crumble"




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Ishanee Chanda is a prose writer and poet from Dallas, Texas. Having been born in India, much of Ishanee's writing focuses on the struggles of being a first-generation immigrant looking for a home and identity in a different country. She has participated in the BlackBox Writer's Residency Program, and was a part of the spoken word poetry scene in College Station, Texas known as Mic Check Poetry. Ishanee currently resides in Washington, D.C. where she works full-time in the field of immigration policy and research. Ishanee enjoys eating her weight in Thai food, singing loudly (and badly) to Taylor Swift, and playing the ukulele just to make people smile. 

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